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About Us


Our Approach

Complimentary Healthcare Group (CHG) provides media articles backed by clinical data and research on complimentary options for healthcare. Supported by a unique group of Doctors from around the world, CHG provides a snapshot on alternative health and the growing clinical evidence to support the uses of alternative medicines.

Our Story

In the modern world we believe there are 3 major areas of focus for Good Health. These are age reversal, supplements to treat anti inflammatory responses (migraine, arthritis, joint pain) and prevention of skin disorders (AK, sunspots). The advances in stem cell therapy and genome sequencing are also key points of interest for us as we explore healthy options for longevity and pain free living

Meet the Team

Meet our team of dedicated medical researchers, scientists and philosophers.


Dr Richard Teague

Dr Richard Teague – Founder & CEO

Dr. Richard Teague specialises in stem cell therapies and has worked at and consulted for a number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally, particularly in the field of stem cells for HIV and immune system deficiencies. He now consults privately, with an interest in natural medicines, with his primary interest being in the field of anti-ageing.


Richard Singh

VP at Natural Health Media and Head of Research at Regenex Laboratories

Richard is head of research at Regenex Laboratories, a New Zealand based manufacturer of natural supplements in Australia, the USA, the UK and Asia. Regenex develops cutting edge supplements for the global market.


Dr. David Goldstein

Dr David Goldstein – Contributing author

David Goldstein, MD had 24 years experience in his own Florida based medical practice, before consulting with industry and government. David has a bachelor of science in Immunology, and his passion is in natural solutions for the body to create its own repair and recover systems. He is a regular contributing author to

Next Steps…

Read, explore and above all, question everything. The modern world is changing at a rapid rate in medicine and natural health and opportunities abound for a pain free, healthy and active life

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