Restless Leg Syndrome linked to mineral deficiencies

In what has come as a welcome discovery for millions of sufferers worldwide, a natural supplement based on Magnesium, B Vitamins and an almost unknown plant extract called Cramp Bark has shown great promise in treating Restless Leg Syndrome and Leg Cramps, and the scientific background behind its use for restless leg makes perfect sense once revealed. Restless Leg Syndrome affects 30 million people in the USA alone, and hundreds of millions around the world, leading to sleep deprivation and symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Karen Smith & her father, John

Karen researched and found a natural answer to her fathers daily RLS issues. Activated Magneisum for better absorption proved to be the answer….

Magnesium is a mineral that affects over 300 biological functions in the body and has been clinically proven to dramatically lessen symptoms of restless leg syndrome, yet many consumers who suffer the disease will attest to trying Magnesium with little success. And the reason for that is that Magnesium taken orally is usually poorly absorbed into the body, and so while it has been touted globally as the cure for all ills, including migraine, cardiovascular disease, RLS, leg cramps and much more, in reality it has performed poorly as a cure-all, until now. 

So in 2015 a New Zealand based company capitalised on some breakthrough technology in oral supplementation of Magnesium for Migraine headaches. They found that combining Magnesium with what they call co-factors (mainly B group vitamins and zinc) improves the absorption of the Magnesium by 4 times. They also used 3 different forms of Magnesium for more rapid absorption. They used this technology to blend a natural supplement based on the activated magnesium, together with a little-known plant extract known as Cramp Bark. Used by native tribes, including the American Indians, for hundreds of years, cramp bark is said to have antispasmodic, sedative, relaxant and astringent properties


This rapid and improved absorption of Magnesium, combined with the addition of Cramp Bark, opened up doors for other conditions, the most obvious of all being Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). So the product, now marketed under the name ActiveMg, has become a runaway success globally and in the past 2 years has become the number one natural oral supplement sold online for prevention of RLS.

Ironically even when the product was first marketed for Migraine relief the company always had a simple two-line statement on the back panel of their label advising the product is indicated for “Relief from muscle aches, cramps & spasm, including leg cramps”, but little did they know that this humble natural supplement may very well become bigger for muscle cramps and RLS than it is for Migraine.

The company, known as Regenex Laboratories, sell online only around the world, and offer a second bottle for free on the first order, as well as a 100% Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied, which seems to be standard online practice nowadays, but with this company it applies even when purchased at the promotional rate, with no conditions, which is refreshing.

ActiveMg is sold in Australia through Global Health Direct and in the USA through Regenex Labs, the companies own website, and I believe consumers in other countries may still be able to purchase through one of these 2 companies and get it shipped.

Consumers in Australia can get a second bottle for free, on their first order, when ordering at THIS LINK
















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